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I'm not defending any one side in this video and the arrest is stupid, but... The cop in the beginning was actually civil and gave them ample warning and the group defied and mocked him.

Let's face it, this group wasn't there to innocently dance. They were there to make a point about a stupid ruling on the memorial. They knew they would be arrested.

This was in fact a demonstration and that's exactly what the cop told them they aren't allowed to do. Asking a cop a rhetorical question like "How is dancing a demonstration" is ignorant.

Now the way people were tackled and choked...

Although they were resisting arrest while shouting out that they weren't. Like the dude that got thrown to the ground... had his hands up like he is all innocent, but was sternly walking away from the officer not allowing him to handcuff him. Ha, great acting there.
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