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Originally Posted by SPAZ View Post
that is extremely fucked up shit, what we can do is just spread the word as you did and not let this go. i just emailed it around and posted on facebook, the cops being so retarded really got to me...
Way to be a sheep. Did you actually watch the entire thing or even READ what we've said here?

The "slam" wasn't hard at all. He took him a few inches off of his feet and brought him down. The guy has probably flopped on to his couch harder. The guy had been under arrest for a while at that point. The choke was a controlling move. Notice his face doesn't turn bright red? That tells you he clearly wasn't being choked. The cop had his hands around the guy's neck to assert dominance and drive the point "dude you're under arrest quit fucking around" home.

Like I said, I'm usually against the cops but I also keep a rational mind so I can examine what I see and make a rational and thoughtful judgement. You on the other hand read a sensationalist headline and decided the author had done all the thinking for you. Sheep like you are why we're stuck with the shitty government we have now.

Freedom is not the ability to pick who should do your thinking for you. Freedom is the ability to examine something with your own mind and make a rational decision based on that analysis.

I have a word limit on my cynicism
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