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Punish all for the actions of a few..

Ok this is something going on the next town over from me. While this doesn't affect me, as I'm 32 years old, I have some older friends with teenagers and I have some problems with the way this is being handled.

First to explain. The city has created a curfew from 8pm to 5am year round for kids under the age of 18 in a large part of the city. This is due to a public event called "Rocking on the River" which is live bands and is free to participate in. The event is outdoors, and is highly geared towards drinking and food. The "exclusion zone" is a large area, which includes homes not just the event area. If a kid under 18 is found without parent supervision, he/she will be taken to the police station, detained and the parent will pay a $50.00 fine. The youth may not drive through this exclusion area, they must drive around it (even on days this public event is not going on), and this was recently confirmed from a parent whose children were pulled over due to driving home from the mall.

Now the reasoning behind this curfew is a little sketchy. The police are saying it's due to out of city kids from Akron, the neighboring city of Cuyahoga Falls, creating "havoc", drug deals, violence. However the Mayor (I will not capitalize his name) "don robart" has said something completely off base when a meeting was going on regarding whether or not to create this curfew. Here is the mayors quote, pay very close attention to the first 5 or 6 words.

don robart:

What we’re trying to rid ourselves of are the people that are down their in their gothic garb, with their spiked hair, with their piercings, and it’s very — for most of you who haven’t been down on the boardwalk, I would suggest that it is a very intimidating atmosphere for the masses.

Personally, people who look different don't scare me, as I'm not a fucking bigot.

This is a video of the quote and police talking about it in their terms.(it is dated, the curfew has been permanently enacted since this was posted) This should make it more clear...

Now, here's my view on it. This is a huge event every Friday from 5-11pm in the summer. We're talking around 30,000 people on a good day. Every Friday I see drunken adults slugging it out, beer being spilled on people, people puking and pissing in corners, and people on the roads so fucking drunk they are all over the double yellow lines. So bad in fact, I quit riding my motorcycle down there due to a couple close calls. Apparently though, to the Mayor this is about "people who look different may be trouble", and to the police it is about out-of-town inner-city gangs causing trouble.

So, why not ban the drinking if its causing problems as well? Why are "goths" being brought into this when the real problem (they say anyways) is out of town inner-city gangs? If it's really people from Akron causing trouble, why not limit the event to only residents of Cuyahoga Falls? This whole thing reeks in my opinion, and I just wanted to hear some others opinions on this.
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