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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Well, I am 45 with no kids but have lots of nieces and nephews who are in their teens and this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. An 8:00 PM curfew.....seriously??? Not even fucking dark out yet. Out here in the real America, little kids are still playing in the parks until 10:00 PM on most nights. Ohio is a suck ass state; hated driving through that shit hole when I drove 48 state but then again I think everything east of Denver sucks ass. Things are going down the shitter everywhere in this country but at least it is taking a little longer out here in the west.

So, the cops are spending their time busting kids for breaking curfew coming home from the mall or the movies or god forbid a fucking job while the stupid drunk adults are out driving.... Oh that makes perfect sense. Man what a fucked up state you live in. How the hell is a kid who lives in your little east germany there supposed to get home from a dance, football practice, etc? Obviously this is institutionalized bigotry by the city to discriminate against kids who don't all dress like good little bible belt thumpers. Has nothing to do with crime or safety. Sounds like that town could use a visit from some real L. A. gangs to show that idiot mayor what real gang activity is like.

Fuck man, it just never stops does it? Every single day in some part of this country we have bullshit laws and ordinances completely taking our freedoms away. And what about due process or the concept of innocent until proven guilty? Oh that requires actual critical thinking and discernment; we cant expect our politicians and police force to actually have to think. I swear that every day that goes by I hate this fucking country a little more.... So wish I could leave this fucking has been of a country and move to Canada, Australia or New Zealand!
Yeah I agree with you on almost everything there. The only thing is that we are north of the Ohio Bible Belt so I don't have to hear that everyday. The roads suck, people drive like idiots, the police are corrupt, but the Cuyahoga Valley National Park here is amazing and worth a stop if you ever come through.

What pisses me off the most is that the Mayor can say that about people in "gothic garb" as he says, however if this comment was made about African-Americans, Mexicans, or any other people, ACLU would be up that mayors ass in a heartbeat. I personally grew up in Cuyahoga Falls (or as it's commonly known, Caucasian Falls) but was lucky enough to have a good upbringing and not the 50's and 60's bullshit mentality.

You mentioned football practice. It's sadly funny but the area that is included in the "exclusion zone" also includes the area very close to the football stadium for the high school, and a public aquatic center that has teen dances that last until after 10pm. Like I said, it fucking reeks and I'm glad I don't have to pay city taxes to their fucked up leaders. I didn't mention but the kids under 18 are allowed in the area with adult supervision at all times, if they need to go get food adults must be with them, if they walk down to the bathrooms, adults must follow them and wait....Which is even more stupid considering the kids parents are probably drinking at the event and driving the kids home.
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