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Originally Posted by CheeseForSteeze View Post
While I personally find this policy abhorrable, its certainly a private communities right and perogative to set a curfew. I see it no different from a parent choosing to raise his child under given dogma (atheist, agnostic, monotheism, pantheism, whatever) only it's for a city.
couple of things:
1- I agree that it's a crappy idea.
2- I like "abhorrable". Is that a combi of abhorrent and deplorable?
3- Can't agree on the simile. Public officials and government bodies have far more restrictions on them than individuals. Try passing an ordinance requiring people to say grace before eating in a public place, then stand back! Don't know how things run in the US on this subject, but in Canada this kind of law would be challenged on a Human Rights basis -- and successfully, I'm pretty sure.

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