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Originally Posted by Flick Montana View Post
Those weird-ass goth kids were some of the nicest people I knew in High School. It was the dicks with polo shirts and popped collars you had to watch out for.
This is true where I went to school as well, which was in this city of discussion. I know for a fact this mayor walks the boardwalk with his hillbilly wife and that's where most of the goths hang out.

Originally Posted by CheeseForSteeze View Post
While I personally find this policy abhorrable, its certainly a private communities right and perogative to set a curfew. I see it no different from a parent choosing to raise his child under given dogma (atheist, agnostic, monotheism, pantheism, whatever) only it's for a city.

I sure know I'd voice my opinion and move the hell out of such a shithole. No offense. If the common view of my fellow townsfolk is one of bigotry (particularly the elected mayor), it's not a town I belong in. Let the bigots be bigots as is their right but I shan't be counted among them.
Thankfully, I did move out of said shithole about 12 years ago. Unfortunately however, there are bigots everywhere. I think (hope) as more of the young become adults and the bigoted mindset literally dies off we'll see less of the bigotry in this country.

I just don't get it I guess, the mayor making a comment of "what we are trying to rid ourselves of..." and people not being outraged. Shame on these people, but half the country is this anyways

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