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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Technically that's breaking and entering if you called the cops and actually gave a statement the police would be out looking for them right now. Add to that the fact you used a bat to defend yourself and now it's a violent home invasion which makes it a far more serious crime. Kudos to you for attempting creative writing on a forum.
Yeah, i gave a statement and i heard the police calling in as they searched streets in my neighborhood while i talked to the officer.
Originally Posted by KahWhyC View Post
Why didn't you report them or were you scared that you weren't going to be cool anymore?
I didn't report it because I didn't want my parents getting a call from the cops saying my house was being watched, in the end they didn't call anyways. I gave the kids name who started the rumor and the one kid I recognized.
Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Kind of difficult to say without more information. Do you know these kids or are they total strangers to you? If they were breaking your door down, you certainly have the right to defend yourself if you felt physically threatened. BA is on the right track here in that I think it would have been a better bet to not open the door, but called the cops first. Let them actually forcibly enter the home and then once inside, you have a lot more latitude to fuck them up good as well as get some serious charges against them. As it stands now, they were not physically in the residence and since you went out, it becomes pretty much just a fight at this point without you having much legal ground to stand on.

Not criticizing your actions; you asked for advice or opinions. When shit like this goes down, it happens quick and you are running on pure adrenaline so it is easy for others to be "Monday morning quarterbacks" from the comfort of our home. You may have a bit of a problem if you have to deal with these kids in school now so watch your back and make sure you do follow up by filing a police report so if they take any actions against you, you have this incident already on record. It may help convince them to drop it and not fuck with you.
I knew one of the kids, and he's a scumbag so i gave the police his name. I received many compliments today for that actually. I was trying to prevent any damage to my house since my parents would be too scared to ever let me stay home alone again, so I opened the door and stopped them.

Your right too, opinions was what I was seeking from this. The adrenaline rush was crazy from it too
The kids called me today and told me they're going to fuck me up if I don't pay them back for the stuff they ditched, I told them i don't know you and i already gave away the shit you left on my lawn and I had my friends talk to them and they have left me alone all afternoon. I feel like I have a little more leverage because of that. Tomorrow I'll be on edge though.
Originally Posted by Muki View Post
Home Alone-proof your house next time.
proof i'll have a party or proof my house from trespassers?
Originally Posted by Flick Montana View Post
Are you kidding me? 8 kids tried to break down your door because they thought you were throwing a party? Going to need more details than that.

They are lucky they were all shot.
On wednesday afternoon I was in the lunch line talking to my friend, he asked if I wanted to stay over at his place on friday night and I said I couldn't since I had to watch the house while my mom was away. A kid behind us overhears and says, "Josh your throwing a banger this weekend, right?" I said shut the fuck up, and later that day he sent a mass-text message saying that I was throwing a party. People at school thought I arranged this and all week I told everyone that asked me about it that I had nothing to do with it and it was not happening. On Saturday afternoon, a kid calls me up saying he heard that it was on from the kid that started it in the first place and a bunch of other people I didn't know and told me to stop lying to him. I told him I was being totally serious. That night I was about to go to sleep at midnight when I heard noise outside and a couple seconds later banging on my door, I go downstairs to see through the window people are throwing themselves into it. I run over to my arsenal of garden shovels and baseball bats, arm myself and open the door. 8 kids charge me, and I push back on the door swinging the bat. I hit one kid a couple times since they were stuck between the door and I needed them out. I closed the door and the banging continued. I open the door again, a kid says "who da fuck you pointing that bat at?!" I swing it and shout "get the fuck off my lawn" and swing it to scare them, and they run. I close the door and lock it before calling the police, while waiting for the cops I see 4 half drank 40's on my lawn and I bring them inside.

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