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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Its a drop in the bucket. What kills banks and caused the banking crisis that we all got to pay for was due to simple greed on the part of the banks. They deliberately wrote risky notes, knowing that within 30 days they were going to quick turn these packages of loans to another financial institution at a huge profit. It grew out of control and banks went out looking for anyone to write a mortgage regardless of their ability to pay. It was like a game of hot potato; as long as you are not the one holding the potato when the clock stops, your are fine. Problem is, the game was played so long and the housing bubble got so ridiculously over inflated that it brought the whole system crashing down. It is the purest example of the end result of unregulated total free market predatory Capitalism. It should stand as a shining example of why there has got to always be some regulation over a free market Capitalist economy.
Greed, yes, but on the part of the banks and the consumer. It takes two to tango.

General greed within this country is what caused the banking crisis. Everyone was getting fat and happy off the real estate market and MANY never took the time to think, "what if?"
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