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Default To split or not to split

The obvious answer is to split, right?

But my question is WHAT to split. I plan on splitting one of my boards for next season but keep going back and forth on which one. The first is a 164 Ride Slackcountry, while the second is a 161 Ride Highlife. I spent the majority of my season riding my Highlife anywhere and everywhere in bounds, while saving my Slackcountry for my cat trip and side country hiking day. As the season went on, I ended up riding the Highlife everywhere, including my hiking expeditions. It's a bit more of a chore to ride deep pow on the Highlife (compared to the Slack) but it was definitely more fun and maneuverable. The Slack is an absolute beast in pow, but feels like driving an 18 wheeler towards tue end of the day.

This is where I want to throw it to the veteran splitters. I have no experience skinning/touring so I don't know what to expect and what I would want out of a board for that aspect. As far as the riding goes, it love to have a Highlife split for the maneuverability but sometimes wonder if it's a tad too short. Any input for me here?

At the end of the day I find myself leaning more towards the Slack split due to the longer length and proven gnar pow capabilities. Plus, if I split my Highlife, I'd have to get a new resort board.....

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