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Default Balance Beam


Based on one of the vids from the Snowboard Addiction series, I build a very basic balance beam from a 4x4 and a couple of pieces of 2x4. Didn't even use them newfangled screws -- nails were good enough for Noah, they're good enough fer me!

Anyway, just got around to trying it out today. Lotta work hopping on and off that thing, but I can tell already that it's going to make a difference when the season starts. In just a half-hour, I got well into doing 180s on the beam, jumping 180's on and off, nose and tail slide positioning, etc. Can't say it's exactly like sliding down a rail, (not even close) but it's giving me a feeling for the balance.

And I think most importantly, I felt almost like I got some snowboarding in. This may actually get me through the summer!

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