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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
I used to agree that we should not negotiate with any "terrorist". Reason being they never really wanted to negotiate and honestly unless both sides are fully willing to negotiate its a waste of time.

But now that Bin Laden is dead I think we should. bin Laden getting killed put a serious dent in the channels of terrorism. From what I have been reading and watching our govt has the goods on these guys. They found alot of stuff in Bin Ladens "HOME" and it would not suprise me if the Taliban knows what we!

The message I am getting is the Taliban wants the US out of Afghanistan, and Iraq and where ever else. So lets give it to them. Lets negotiate a peaceful settlement while the fruit is ripe to be picked.

Imagine...the mid east without the US troops...Sounds nice dont it?? I think everyone agrees we were there for all the wrong reasons. So why not negotiate a peaceful agreement...for all the right reasons...
Except the Taliban spokesman has already said NO to negotiations. These type of people (most recently) drove a truck full of explosives into a maternity ward killing their own people, and yet you think they are going to negotiate with the people that are actively trying to kill them? LOFL.

They will be fine without the US...Our troops really dont need to be over there now that bin laden is dead. He was the catalyst ...and he is gone. Thats like Elvis dying...the legend is gone. So we should take this opportunity and move them out.
Really, you don't think once the coalition troops are gone the Taliban or fucked in the head dictators will run it again? We have been babysitting their countries for what, ten years now and they still can't get their country together.

They barely have an army worth fighting....or willing to fight even. All I personally see with these countries is when the US is in a neighborhood it's "Hooray, USA". When the terrorists are in a neighborhood it's "Death To America, you burned our Quran!!! Ending terrorism is a pipe-dream. Once the last troops leave, it will be as it always was. They won't learn, they don't want to learn, time to leave.

...oh wait the president of Afghanistan with his elementary school education might threaten to join the Taliban again if we do that.

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