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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post

The media is another problem they're all off on their own agenda and because this country is satiated and full of dumb fucks they believe what the T.V., Radio, and Internet tells them. Right now I'm sitting in WNY around some of the laziest most incompetent people I've ever witnessed in my life and my family is part of it. People that I've known my whole life are so fucking retarded they think they're informed yet they watch Fox News, listen to idiots like Glen Beck and ole Nancy Grace. If you show them something new, different, or not of their mindset you're a moron.
Exactly right.

While the people of this country were being fed the soap opera of Casey Anthony, a trial which does not affect their lives in any way, the debt crisis, that will affect everyone's lives, has been brewing behind the veil of stupid-people-control. My family is a prime example of this as well. I asked if they've been following what's going on with the debt ceiling. The answer was "no, what's going on?". This isn't an isolated incident either, you looked on the front page of CNN, MSNBC, Faux, etc the debt crisis had been sidelined so they could preach to the losers of this country that want nothing but gossip.

I agree that raising taxes across the board is an irresponsible idea, but the tax loopholes to corporations need to be closed. Same with the defense budget as mentioned earlier in this thread, spending 13 billion so far in Afghanistan alone. Wasting money trying to install a democracy in an area that will never be able to uphold it in the long run, same goes for Iraq. Cut off all aide to Pakistan while we are at it.

This debt ceiling time-frame years ago was well known by our government, long before the media picked up how close we were getting to it, then reaching it. In my eyes it's like our government is a college party kid. Put off all the homework, reports, papers until the last minute then end up in a mad rush trying to get things figured out or they're screwed. They need to do something right now, or I should say they should have done something a long time ago. Investors are getting damn nervous right now.

BA, as for your comment on a civil war or rebellion against our government. Never happen. Americans are far too lazy to get up off their couches and do something, the vast majority of Americans have been taking it in the ass for so long, from every possible aspect of life, that's all they know how to do.
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