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So i had the chance to demo some boards on the weekend so thought i'd share my take on things...
Boards I rode:

Lib Tech attack banana 153 - One thing that is painfully clear to me now is that mervin boards are heavy and relatively sluggish. The elliptical
C2 camber was very smoothe and the attack banana was a little stiffer than average. Fair amount of pop but a 153 was a little too big for me and i just found the thing to be too heavy and therefore wasn't very playful.

Nitro T1 153 - Blew me away! Are all nitro's snowboards this light??? Took nothing to spin it, was stable at speed, good pop off jumps stable on landings...if i landed off balance it was forgiving and i was able to correct it without a spil. I thought it was awesome edge to edge and the way it turned made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, don't know if it was the sidecut or the way the core gets thicker and thinner but it handled like a dream. I'm used to having a reverse cambered board that sort of ollies for you but the t1 didn't quite do that. Thinking of buying this board but am just not sure whether to get a 149 or 153. If the 153 was this playful how good will the 149 be? But then i don't want to sacrifice versatility and potential to take it overseas.

Gnu Park Pickle 153 - Again, in a mervin the 153 felt too big. Regardless, i wanted to see if the sidecut was all it is cracked up to be...i've gotta say i wasn't thrilled by it. Granted i'm not used to it but a couple of times i felt like i was going to go backwards when i went hard on my heelside, really don't think it is necessary, are snowboarders really that lazy? Like the skate banana it had good pop but it was quite chattery and again it was too heavy for me.

Arbor Coda 153 - Solid deck! I felt like it may have been a little too big on the hard pack for me, but i could tell it was a good thing. More pop than a skate banana, more stable than a skate banana and maybe not quite as heavy. If someone told me they were getting a skate banana i would tell them to get this. The grip teck doesn't slow you down as much as magnetraction either. If it was a little bit smaller i would have loved it, if i was riding mostly pow..i'd buy it (only say that because i'm a small guy). Serious amount of pop!

So i learnt that mervin boards can take a back seat. I have released myself from their marketing hoo-har and i'm pretty sure my next board will be a nitro. Mervin boards generally have good pop and they float well in pow but that's pretty much all i can say. If i were riding pow i would consider the coda ahead of any mervin board. Backflip on mervin....complete!

Wouldn't mind some opinions on whether to get the 149 or 153 T1 (size 7 boot 55kgs)

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