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Which is more important right now- a balanced budget, or low unemployment?

And is it really possible to achieve both at the same time considering our current situation? Everyone in DC seems to think that it's not only possible, but absolutely necessary as if one cannot be done without the other.

I'm certainly no economist, but it seems to me that doing a lot of the things that are being proposed to balance the budget are going to make the economic situation worse, not better. Cutting something like defense spending and bringing a large quantity of overseas troops and contractors home would save some big money and sounds good to many including myself, but what will those people do once they get back? Cutting government spending usually means cutting government jobs, money taken out of the economy (even if that money is all borrowed), and more people filing for unemployment. How is private enterprise supposed to absorb those workers when there aren't enough jobs for the people who are already looking for them? More tax cuts and free trade agreements?

These problems have been brewing for decades but people insanely expect the solutions and results to come NOW. And when the results don't come overnight all anybody wants to do is point fingers and excuse themselves from any responsibility to try to make themselves feel better or look re-electable. I fear that the instant gratification that comes with blaming all your problems on the people you disagree with, through any means necessary, has put us in a position where if a good middle of the road solution to our problems were to be proposed, it wouldn't be politically viable as at some point everyone would probably have to admit that the other guy actually had a good idea.

I fear that a crisis is no longer a problem to be solved, but a tool with which to leverage an agenda. Am I being pessimistic?

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