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There are plenty of jobs to be had for those who are currently unemployed and those who would be cut from military expansionism. Remember during the 50's era when everyone had a dependable job with benefits and the rich were taxed accordingly, therefor regulating the national wealth ratio? We are still manufacturing consumer products for a consumer base so the demand has not decreased.

What happened was corporations outsourced all those millions of jobs to first Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, and then China - So that they could greatly increase their profit margins. 95% of the shit you buy from a big-box store should have been made by an American but wasn't, and therefor the person that should have made it is now unemployed.

People like to tote "Post-Industrial Restructuring" as an excuse, which says basically jobs in post-industrial societies all switch to information technology, engineering, marketing, service, etc... while manufacturing takes place almost solely in industrial or pre-industrial societies. In a globalized economy is this possible? Yes, but is it a good idea?

No, because it makes entire countries into a niche product. So long as Country A and Country B and Country C provide each other's role, things move relatively smoothly. But when Country B stops, Country A and Country C lose vital cogs in their machines, ones they cannot replicate domestically because they have outsourced entire industries to Country B to penny-pinch.

The fact of the matter is that the money saved by outsourcing has gone no where else but the corporations pockets, and has in turn grossly imbalanced the national wealth ratio and caused a lot of what we are now experiencing. It is why over the past 20 years the top 5% make something like [400] times the salary of someone in the middle-class.

If you ask me, we need a strong government that is going to stand up to Corporate America and make them bring their jobs back to the States. No one should be making such grossly imbalanced amounts of money, and in order for things to get better the money is going to have to be redistributed and the super-wealthy are going to have to live with lower profits as a result of domestic stability.

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