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Default Board Protection From Bindings

So, first post here. I did some searching throughout the forums and could not find anything relating to my question. This could be posted in Boards or Bindings forums, but since I am trying to mount my bindings to my board, I figured it was more pertinent to the Bindings forum.

Like I said, I am going to mount new bindings to my new board. I would like to keep my board protected from the bindings. I have read of some issues where damage occurs on the board from the edges of the bindings digging into the board. I would like to prevent this from happening as well as prevent scratches to the clear coat.

I was thinking of adding a piece of felt or rubber the same shape as the footprint of my binding but extending out about 1/8" or 1/4".

Has anyone tried this or have any info on doing something like this?

I have googled and found one scenario where a guy suggested using duct tape, but I do NOT want to do this as I'm sure the duct tape would deteriate over time and leave a pretty nasty sticky residue.

Any suggestions and thoughts are certainly welcome.

If there is already a thread on this subject, I apologize.

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