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滑雪板 (hua xue ban)
We Couldn't Think of a Name
Stupid Boards (for your Stupid Ass): SBSA
Peak Influenced Design(s)
Snow Influenced Design(S)**
Winter Fever ***
Underground Design Company
Backyard Productions
Buy Us a Beer (BUB)
SearchLight Boards (SLB, otherwise you won't show up as an acronym)
Sudden Design**** Snowboards**
Hippie Boards
Free Pow! Boards

*Trust me, it's good
**Just for the acronym
*** Or Snow or Powder or Whatever... White Fever Boards? haha
****or Death if you want to be even less subtle
***** You'd be huge in China if the government doesn't take offense
or you could always do...
Always Winter
Forest Industry
No. (haha.... ahh... too obvious, and there's No Way! boards... so maybe "Maybe?")
Century (not that I don't like the guys at Sentury, haha)

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