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Originally Posted by Karasene View Post
and as far as nose grabs I feel like they look so fricken easy when done right yet I cant figure out how people reach the damn nose lol... I've tried and in many failed attempts I always and up missing my board and landing in the back seat..

any tips?
You know what?, I had the same freaking problem all season last season. I couldn't figure out why i couldn't reach the nose, but then everything hit me like a brick wall when i realized that my setup was a bad setup for grabs and park riding. I had a really stiff board, boots and bindings. It was my first season with my own (used) setup, and it just so happened to be a super stiff setup made for free-riding. So after I bought a new setup (Never Summer Evo with Forum Shaka Bindings (which are both on the softer side of the flex scale)) that was made entirely for park riding, I was able to do a nose grab on my first attempt. PROBLEM SOLVED --- And I'm sure you can reach the nose and do a nosegrab even with a stiffer setup, but hell, I sure couldn't!
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