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Default Questions about Snowboard Protection

Last season I snapped my humerus in half on a rail, and now I am a little paranoid about my safety. Even though I am definitely going to hit up the slopes more aggressively this season, I don't want to break anything else this time.

I've never bought any protective gear other than helmets, so I'd love it if someone could help me answer a few questions:

1. Will wrist guards fit with snowboard gloves? The gloves I bought are an extremely snug fit, so I am not sure how I can add wrist guards to them.
2. Is body armor necessary if I am mainly going to play on small - medium kickers, rails, and boxes? I like how body armor has protection for my humerus (it's now healed), but I am worried that it will restrict too much movement or become too heavy.
3. What's the usefulness of knee pads, hip pads, or spine pads? (Once again, I would probably mainly hang onto small - medium kickers and park, probably only straight air L or XL jumps on occasion).

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!
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