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Originally Posted by Camkoobria View Post
Hello Wiredsport,

I have been looking to purchase a new snowboard and have really taken to the bataleon brand. I don't hit the park hard, infact I more so enjoy just cruising, and doing lots of buttering, presses, small rails and boxes. I am 175 pounds and 5'11. I was looking at their evil twin, evil twin artist edition and the goliath. I also have size 10.5-11 boot. These boards from their descriptions from the 2012 catalog seem to be the ones for me. Can you give any more advice or information on them? Also with the boot size mentioned, what is a minimum board width I should look for?

Much thanks if you could help me out!

Stoked to help Camkoobria,

Kindly let me know where you typically ride. I will be happy to provide a minimum width but will need your stance angles.

Please measure your foot using this method:

Kick your heel (barefoot please, no socks) back against a wall. Mark the floor exactly at the tip of your toe (the one that sticks out furthest - which toe this is will vary by rider). Measure from the mark on the floor to the wall. That is your foot length and is the only measurement that you will want to use. Measure in centimeters if possible, but if not, take inches and multiply by 2.54 (example: an 11.25 inch foot x 2.54 = 28.57 centimeters).
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