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Moving to Denver CO from Cali in December.

Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've posted on the boards. Most of you prob don't even remember me But I've def been reading this whole time!

Anyways, as the title says.. I'm moving from California to Denver CO this December. I'm following my Girlfriend lol She's going to be attending Regis University, for their accelerated nursing program.

I have a few questions about Denver. I've been there once, when we visited the school in January. I hit up Keystone, and Loveland. I loved Keystone's park :] It was the best park I've ever been to. In defense of my home states Tahoe's resorts, I must say that I've only been to Kirkwood and Sugarbowl. And when I went there I barley knew how to snowboard.

Sorry for getting sidetracked, back to Denver questions. Mostly looking for people who have lived / live in Denver, but anyone w/ knowledge about the place, feel free to chime in!

1.) If I remember correctly, Denver isn't too far from the resorts right? You just take I-70 up to the mountains and can hit lots of resorts right? My Girlfriend's college (we are going to live near it) is actually like in western Denver and real close to I-70 so I don't think that it will be too bad. Also what kinda season passes are available? Any multi resort kind?

2.) I really liked Denver a lot when we visited, but honestly I didn't do much in Denver while I was there. I was on a pretty tight schedule. Kinda lame question I guess, but how's the night life out there? My girl and I like to go out every one in awhile, is it cool there? We only went out one night while in CO, and we were in FT. Collins (Drunken Monkey anyone!?) which was a pretty cool town.

3.)Is driving pretty crazy there in the winter? I've driven in the snow plenty, but only in the mountains close to resorts. Never in town. Am I in for an experience?

4.) What kinda summer activities are there to do in Denver? Does it get hot there? I own a scooter (yamaha Zuma 125), and it seems like Denver has lots of Scooters. Actually looking for a street bike at the moment, Is there a pretty big street bike scene in Denver?

5.)My most important question. We plan to take a U-Haul from California to Denver. Is it even possible to get there Late December? Like will there be too much snow? I don't even know lol

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read or answer these questions. Really appreciate it.
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