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That's a good shovel. Probably the most common shovel out there actually. You can probably find one used in Banff even. When searching for shovels check out the shape of he blade. A shovel with a flatter blade is better for profiling and checking the snowpack, but a shovel with a more spooned blade is better for scooping and shoveling snow. Decide which is more important to you (I prefer the more scooped blade myself). And the larger the better... if you have to dig someone out, you can't justify saving a few dollars on a shovel that will take 2x as long to do the job.
I agree with Killclimbz on the handle - T is nicer for in the pack. Not a big issue though.

I use the Black Diamond Transfer 7 shovel: Black Diamond Transfer 7 Shovel from
Only downside is the slightly uncomfortable rectangular shaped handle, but it's not really much of an issue and doesn't bother me. The shovel is big, lightweight, good handle, and the blade is AWESOME!
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