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Originally Posted by nzboarder View Post
Hey forum, I have recently bought myself 3 Salomon boards brand new for $86 because of manafacturing defects... I have two questions in repairing these boards.. the first board that needs repairing has an over drilled binding hole.. So the drill has gone through the base, I need to repair the base.. I was wondering how to do this? A picture is attached.

And the second board I need to repair the base also, the base is kind of fluffy... I don't know how to explain it exactly but its like it wasnt finished, I was thiking of just getting a base grind to fix this.. what do you think? Again, a picture is attached..

The one with the hole- fill the hole with ptex and use it for a rock board (it's the season to use them in NZ). Or take it to a board doctor and get them to look at it, I believe it to be fucked though.

The other one just needs a base grind and a decent wax.
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