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I forgot the exact names of the rooms, but he was one level down (down the hall) from the NICU. He was moved to NICU the next morning and a group with Nurse managers and NICU doctors came in our room to let us know what happened. Well, whatever they knew at that moment.

Nurse manager was actually very nice and thorough and followed up with me and gave me the whole truthful story. The nurse mistakenly gave Dylan 130mL of Dextrose when the order called for 13.0. The max allowed for newborns is 17 if I remember correctly. Especially important considering every other baby in that room was a premie. Good thing Dylan was a big 8lb 11oz. I kept telling the manager that the nurse is very lucky she didn't make this mistake on a premie as I'm sure Dylan's weight had a lot to do with his surviving that overdose for an hour.

Also equally lucky is that this happened right before a shift change so it was the next nurse that caught it because they have to do a round of checks when they come into shift.

The other mistake that happened was on the hospital stocking side. That IV machine was not supposed to be in the nursery floor of the hospital. Nursery equipment have special limiters on them so mistakes like these don't occur. The machine that Dylan was on was an adult machine. It's the same exact machines without the limiter chip (program?) in them.

What blows my mind is that nothing will be done about any of this. No correctional action because Dylan in the end was not permanently harmed. I can't do anything about this either legally so this is one of the reasons why I happily tell the story when the opportunity arises.

St. John Moross Hospital.

Crazy part? My wife was a nurse there at the time. There's actually more to this story about mistakes they made during her pregnancy and birth. We'll have to save that long chat for a beer in the Crystal Mt. or Holly lodge Reviews and David Z's rants
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