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I can't watch the video at work, but the ollie is pretty basic. Shift your weight back a little to load the tail, then start lifting the front foot, and as the nose starts to rise, really push down and off of your back foot, straightening out your back leg as you do so. This should provide the "pop" from the loaded tail. Then suck up those legs to make sure you are clearing whatever you are trying to ollie over, and follow it up with putting them back down so that you can ride away. The trick is to make this all one fluid, effortless looking motion. Practice all you want on flat ground, but due so knowing that it is a differnet feeling once you're on snow. Same principle, but different feeling. Learning to ollie a skatebaoard can help as well, since the motions are very similar. I'm sure someone else will chime in with a better desciption than I have provided, but this should help you get an idea at least.
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