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I can vouch for Volvo's, I have a 1994 940 non-turbo I got with 116K for $1000 (minor head leak) and have had nothing but good experiences with it. It's not 4WD of course, but I slapped some high-end all-terrain tires on her and have driven in sketch most people with 4WD would avoid (the car is heavier then shit for a sedan, which really helps in snow. Only issue with Volvos is that if you want a newer 4WD model, they are fairly pricey. If you have the money though, they are a very reliable, safe, and trendy car.

Taken from wikipedia - "Their vision was to build cars that could withstand the rigors of Sweden's rough roads and cold temperatures. This has become a feature of Volvo products ever since"

I also love that mine has a hatch in the trunk for skis, (and the trunk is so big it will fit 2 156 snowboards)
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