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Originally Posted by bc77 View Post
Clip below starts at 1m42s
CASI Level 4 Standards 2010 - YouTube

Can anyone explain what type of turn this is, and whats being done pressure/edge-wise throughout the various phases of the turn?
Is this a dolphin turn? It looks like he is kind of ollieing from one turn to next, and/or using the rebound pressure built up to do so?

When is it useful? Or is it the pressure/edge control you learn from being able to do this which is more useful?

The only other vid with this kind of turn which I can find, but not nearly as effortless as the vid above:
110313 Dolphin turn High1_V1.. GFbbsd - YouTube
Hey BC I'm pumped you took interest in that turn! I think the rider in your dolphin turn video is using the same transition. I agree its not quite as smooth. He is skidding his turns where the CASI guy is carving.

I spent some time last season trying to recreate this turn. I think it looks REALLY freakin cool, and I think you hit the nail on the head with "is it the pressure/edge control you learn from being able to do this which is more useful?"

My analysis of the turn - I think that the CASI rider is demonstrating a flexion/extension drill. The drill intent is for independent flexion/extension combined with fore/aft movements. The turns are carved (notice the pencil lines in the video). The rider is air born in the transition edge to edge. At the exit of the turn the rider is popping off the tail of the board shifting weight back while flexing the front knee and extending the back knee. While airborne the rider extends the front knee flexes the back knee and shifts his weight forward. If you watch the video slowly the rider pops off the tail of the board and lands on the nose on the new edge. I spent a decent amount of time working on this turn last season in the manor I just described, and I think that it helped improve my dynamic riding
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