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Fucking Netflix

i got this email..... so i sent them a reply:

Reed Hastings,

screw you. what you are doing is the same thing that Wells Fargo and other banks are currently doing to their customers by adding a monthly fee to checking accounts. Netflix is just another money-grubbing, greedy corporation willing to kick their customers when they are down. Have you idiots taken a look at the American Economy lately?? You think THIS is a fair time to double your rates on an existing product?

Companies like yours are part of the reason that our whole country is fucked. All you care about is profit, and you unethically shaft the customer to boost your profits. I'll keep my streaming subscription for now, but by making this move Netflix forces my hand to find a substitute - just based on the fact that your company feels it is ok to price gouge the customer. If Netflix and Hulu continue to restrict content to only premium paying subscribers, expect the use of torrents to go up up up.

The American consumer is SICK of corporate shitbags passing their costs on to us, only so you can continue to post record profits while the country starves. I hope this decision by Netflix is the beginning of your end. Here's to Netflix becoming the next Napster, MySpace, etc., and I for one will piss on your e-grave.

Many, Many of Your Customers.
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