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Default Ah for fcuk sakes.

well, my luck was sure to run out sooner or later...

Just got word that I'm being evicted by the end of the month (lack of roommate, and I can't afford the full rent).

My job is officially "letting me go" (cutbacks) as of June, and even though I'd been applying to jobs for the last month, I got no leads... zero. I got two recruiters, and one personal friend that works as a headhunter and still zero hits. sweet.

To top it all off, the moneys I got put aside for another out-west boarding trip won't be enough, cuz I have no one to travel with, and going alone is horridly expensive.

I'll also have to move home to Mississauga, with my effing PARENTS! (ugh) whom I haven't lived with in 7 AND is 30 minutes farther from the job that I'll have to work for the next 3 months, making the commute 1 hour of highway driving each way in dense traffic.

I suppose it could be worse though, right?... bah, just needed to vent.

fcuk sakes, someone have a drink with me.
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