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Originally Posted by sedition View Post
If it makes you feel any better, a good friend of mine, 30, was just diagnosed with stage-3 non-hodgens cancer. He was supposed to start chemo in a few weeks, but when he went in for test results they said "your not going home, chemo starts in 3 hours." I'll tip some St. Ides for both of you.
haha, i hate to say it, but the human tendency to take things for granted is preventing me from feeling better by reading that, but makes me feel bad for him too.

I hate job hunting SO much, you guys don't understand.... everyone in my frigging industry wants "5-10 years of experience", and all these really really specialized skills, like they want someone to come in and work form day one with zero training... GET-fucking-real!!! Haha, 1/2 the doucebags at my work with 10+ years of experience are more useless than pocket lint.

again, sry to hear about ur boy tho man, hope he pulls through... its a different problem, but a struggle all the same.

oh and DAve, i dunno man... I'm still talking with ym boy in calgary, but if that falls through either Whistler, Banff or Salt Lake City.
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