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Originally Posted by kri$han View Post
Haha, 1/2 the doucebags at my work with 10+ years of experience are more useless than pocket lint.

again, sry to hear about ur boy tho man, hope he pulls through... its a different problem, but a struggle all the same.
Pocket Lint? I love pocket lint, it gives me a distraction from playing pocket pool. It also gives me something to flick other than booogies.

In all seriousness, that is no good about the hand you've been dealt. I am sure things will settle-in for you. You know it will, you got the iron ring! If nothing else, start bartending, stripping, or whoring yourself out for a few weeks! Canadian women and French men will be all over it!

As for the Dude with cancer, he's got it doubt! Unemployment is temporary, but Chemo is a whole new world.
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