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Got a speeding ticket last week for just over 10 over the limit, then..

Sitting at a traffic light behind a minivan Friday night after work. Light turns green, minivan puts on emergency flashers...BAM. Fucking rear ended hard as hell, guessing the guy didn't even hit his brakes, slams me into the minivan. Seat belt mechanism that makes it reatract breaks (old car), head slams into head rest knocking me for shit. Dude that hits me gets out of his car
"oh it's not that bad, here I'll just give you 300 bucks, sorry I saw the green and.."
"The fuck you will"
"Come on man I just left a party, you're gonna get me in trouble"
"Do I give a fuck about you? NO. My heads fucked up. Get the fuck away from my car fat ass"
(something along those lines anyways) Swear to god he's lucky I didn't own a gun I was ready to fucking kill someone at this point.

I call 911, loopy as hell. Cops take forever to get there, had time to smoke a few cigs i think. Minivan drove away, not that I care i wasn't at fault, guy behind me still there obviously. Cop was being an arrogant dick (well he's a cop he had to be), Got a police report done and all that. Decided not to get taken by ambulance, thought it was just shook up from the hit and that's why I felt out of it. Driving what's left of my car home, got a really bad sharp pain in my temple, so stayed on the highway to the hospital, pouring down rain and couldn't see shit. Ended up being foggy enough in the head I couldn't find the ER. Finally go in, fucking CAT scans, all that garbage, stayed in the hospital till the morning, no bleeding inside or anything, concussion though. Car is worse than I thought, gonna be totalled. No word yet on if the fat fuck got arrested but my head and neck are all fucked up from the hit, can't sleep and just fucking RAGING right now. Did the insurance claim but piggy hasn't filed the report in the system yet.

Getting sick of this luck bullshit, 2 years ago wrist broken in three places, last year was the motorcycle crash and now this. Fucking cops want to get an attitude with me when I had trouble remembering my new cell phone number? Fuck all of them, not being cooperative next time, lets see them arrest me for the same attitude they give civilians. FTP.
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