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Originally Posted by RVM View Post
...not have a freakin' clue what Socialism actually is?
There is no one definition of socialism so you have to define what socialism is.

I am a republican. I take that back, more accurately I'm a fiscal conservative. I don't give a rats ass about social issues either way. Let people be what they be.

What we've seen since FDR is not technically socialism. That's a political fear mongering tactic. Not socialism in the classical sense. But there are many splinters of socialism with many different names. A toned down socialism. Democratic socialism. Social Democracy etc. These are real things that exist today and that Obama et. al. both want to emulate. That is fact.

To call it socialism though is to try and conjure up images of old Europe WWII. Yes, but it's politics. It would be more accurate to call it Statism, and that's the word someone like Mark Levin prefers to use. And that is not exclusive to Democrats, as Levin points out. Bush was as much a statist as any democrat.

I can easily flip the script and say that Democrats have ZERO idea what the tea party stands for. They demagogue the Tea Party's stance. The tea party stands for limited govt., similar to that which the Founding Fathers put forth in the Constitution. Democrats create the straw man argument that the Tea Party then stands for zero govt. That is not true. Zero govt. is anarchy, or at the very least libertarian style govt. I've heard some from the left throw out Somalia as an example of what Tea Partiers want.

What??? There are ignorants on either side of the aisle.

Democrats also don't know what capitalism means. They label someone who is a capitalist as someone who wants zero intervention into the markets. Not true. That is laissez-faire/true free market. Nobody is arguing for that. Capitalism requires govt. to protect property rights. Capitalism is not zero govt involvement. That's a red herring, it's silly. Don't believe it the next time you hear it.

I'm not a tea partier, but I agree with some of their points. The founding fathers established this country as a constitutional republic with strong state rights. Times have changed, yes. The absolutely hated democratic forms of govt. and definitely did not envision such a strong form of Federal Govt. Abraham Lincoln was the first to break that, FDR killed it.
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