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Default new board sharp turns

The last 2 boards I had trs btx 157 and turbo dream 158 everything was great. Last trip I went on I was on a banana magic 157 with ride cad bindings and had some issues making really sharp turns. What I mean by really sharp is when you are going down a hill and all of a sudden you need to take a left and get on a flat to take you to a different part of the mountain.

While everyone else was fine getting on an edge and making the turn, I would get on an edge start making the turn, got parallel with the slope, but I would fly off the flat and go down the same hill instead of being able to go left. If I made a wider turn I was fine, but I wasn't sure why I couldn't do what everyone else was doing. I was able to dig in my heals more and complete the turn sometimes, but when I did I would pretty much come to a stop or at least close to a stop.

The three boards are similar with the magic being just a little stiffer than the other two. I am guessing it probably just has to do with bad form, but what could I have been doing wrong to not be able to complete these turns?
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