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The US is very much like the evil empire. I would say the head of the global corporate empire (perhaps the core of that empire happens to be in the US, but the corporate empire and their agenda is very much global IMO).

Imposing more and more on peoples free choices as human beings. If someone wants to smoke pot or take shrooms how can anyone take that right away. Its bullshit that its to save people from an evil because alcohol ruins and takes many more lives, but we are encouraged to imbibe it. The more we can drink the more of a "man" we are.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the US government and their policies are not controlled by democratically elected people. That is just a facade to keep the masses believing that they have some control over what happens. In fact its the super rich and the corporate elite who are in effect running not just the US government, but have their fingers in countries all over the world. Their influence over governments all around the world is far too great.

What can we do about it?
First of all understand what is going on behind the smoke screen of mass media and main stream politics. See what is happening with your own eyes not through the eyes of TV and newspapers (ultimately controlled by the same corporations).
We may use these as mediums to gain info, but understand that they are often strongly biased and often inaccurate.

Live in a way that gives you the most freedom and doesn't allow global corporations to gain more power and influence than they already have.
That means don't get into debt and choose carefully where you invest money. Any kind of small scale farming even in a garden is also a great way to be less dependent on corporations. Don't waste money on consuming unnecessary shit.

I believe the most important step to changing this global bullshit system, is individuals opening their own minds and consciousness and learning to live on their own terms. Not how they are told to by society and media.
Socrates "know thyself".
To me that means to live true to the self and not allow your lifestyle or way of thinking to be manipulated or controlled by anyone.
In fact its us each one of us who holds the power to change the system for the better by our own choices and the way we live. Even if the influence is small when millions or even billions of individuals act it can be very very powerful.

Sadly many people give up that power, allow themselves to be manipulated and have their lifestyle dictated to them.
Hence more bullshit laws taking away individuals rights and choices.
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