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Originally Posted by snowjeeper View Post
So the free market god will solve all ills?
Care to explain how instigating more regulatory controls, which favor and further entrench the current corporate-facist state, would help solve the problem?

Any special rules you make them play by whether be reforming the tax code or be they trade commission imposed mandates might hurt the big banks, financial service institutions and entities that provide brokering/clearinghouse type functions, but it hurts their small business competition even more. Then, the bigger institutions have an army of lawyers who can figure out ways around it and the small guys are left playing by the rules and have an even greater handicap. This is giving them a de facto monopoly/oligopoly.

These attempts to close the loop holes just create more rules for them to find loop holes in. This idea that any one man or team of men are smart enough to somehow plan and guide the economic activity from some sort of centralized consolidated point is nonsense bordering on the likes black magic and voodoo.

Go ahead and make more rules for them to play by, they will end up using them to their advantage. If the people making these rules were even a fraction as clever as the people exploiting them, they wouldn't have to resort to getting a job as a politician.

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