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Originally Posted by snowjeeper View Post
TEven if we started from scratch, a few huge companies would still hold all the power.
Why? We're starting from scratch in this hypothetical. There wouldn't be any huge companies to hold all the power. First they would have to become huge and historically this is only really accomplished via government subsidies, protection, captured regulators, special legislation, etc.

You will need to explain how companies could get so powerful in a free market (i.e., atomistic or nearly-perfect competition, rents & transaction costs are minimal, in which labor & capital are unhampered).

Originally Posted by snowjeeper View Post
You think having no regulations on business would protect small businesses? Keep on drinking the crazy kool-aid.
It's no more crazy than the belief that more regulations on business (enacted by the government, owned by big corporations) will actually protect us from big corporations, rather than further cementing their oligopoly.
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