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Hesitant to fully read the last three pages of "Wall of Text", but I just can't see how no regulation at all can be a good thing. Once again it comes down to "Theory" and "Reality". Economists drive me nuts because they like to focus on theoretical mathematical equations. But guess what, economics is honestly not a mathematical discipline: It's a social science. You can make up formulas all day long, but in the end economics is the study of how People form, act and react to markets, not cyborg computers running on predictable pure-logic systems. Complete deregulation might look great in theory, but the result is utter chaos when achieved. It's the Wild-West, and while some might argue that is a perfectly fine model, I do not believe in "Winner Takes All" economics.

I think as Outlander has suggested, the biggest reason regulation goes astray is because of conflict of interest. The problems we face today are not directly because of regulations put in place, but because those monitoring and creating regulations have favored personal and industry profit over doing their job.

Once again, when you add shitloads of money to politics, it ruins everything.

"Who Watches the Watchers?" Well it should be the entire population in a democratic society, but we've been to busy stuffing ourselves with TV Dinners and Nascar to take notice until the shit hit the fan. Instead of taking part in the democratic process which seeks to eliminate corruption, we gave those in power the keys to the castle and wandered off to our ultra-consumer lifestyles. In our current culture, people cannot be bothered to care about politics or government until it directly effects their consumer lifestyle. Doing those things takes effort and is inconvenient - which are directly against our consumer principles.

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