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Default Bamboozled by jargon

Hi all

I currently have a K2 Satellite board that I bought in 2003 with no thought as to whether or not is was the right board for me and after 8 years I think I can safely say it's time for a new board......but what to get?

I recently read the following article (How to Choose a Snowboard: Expert Advice from REI) about different board types and see the following as being the main things that I need to take a decision on.

All mountain or park board
True twin, twin directional or directional
Rocker, camber, hybrid camber
Edge technology.

I think I understand a bit better what most of these things mean now but am still no closer to choosing a board as I'm not sure what characteristics are most important to my type of boarding. In summary

In total I have around 60 days of boarding experience but I am very much a social boarder (just cruising about with friends for one week per year).

I am generally comfortable on blues and reds and venture onto the occasional black when conditions are good.

I like to head into the powder when there a decent amount accessible from the piste but never stray too far away from marked runs.

I can ride fakie comfortably on blues (and reds if conditions are nice) and would like to develop this further.

I spend very little time in the board park and am only just about comfortable going over the small blue jumps (potentially with a 180 rotation but not good enough for 360 and doubt I will ever progress past this)

I think of the above the thing that I am most concerned with is the edge technology as I hate boarding anywhere near ice and anything that would give me a bit more confidence in poorer conditions can only be a good thing. But how much difference to these edging technologies make? I had a look in a couple of shops recently and the only board that I could visibly seen any difference on was one of the Nidecker ones with the Ultimate Grip edges. Other than that they all looked the same to me.

I would also like to practice my switch riding so shape may also be important but I don't really know much difference the different shapes makes to someone at my level.

I still have no idea about rocker versus camber even after reading the article above.

So my question is this. Can anyone provide any insight into what might be a good board for someone with my ability and intended usage?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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