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Originally Posted by chupacabraman View Post
Keep on eye on Revy too... the're scheduled opening date is Dec.3 but chances are high that they will open for a 'sneak peak weekend' or whatever you want to call it before then (usually last week of Nov). They have a legitimate 50cm base right now, more snow in the forecast, and buddies have been hiking for turns for a few weeks now.
And that opening day is always killer (a meter of untracked pow... not bad)
-- Edit --
RMR has upgraded their snow reporting this year to an automated system, so there's no chance of discrepancies or inflated numbers. The "New Snow" number reflects the past 12hrs (6am & 6pm), the Hourly number is obviously just the past 60 minutes. Hopefully when their full reporting starts up they'll include the other numbers (3 day, 7 day, YTD, webcam stake) and bring back the Snow Gnome of course
Well my hill is scheduled for late Nov. as well. That's what I don't get, rev has a shatload of snow but one of the latest opening days? Kinda weird.

Are your friends snowshoeing or skinning up for runs? That's what I was wondering if it is a real backcountry area or if people are just hiking a 'safe' area. I have 0 backcountry snow experience. I'd totally hike for some runs if it's safe. I am not a beginner by any means, my spouse is more of an intermediate but he'd go for some easy runs I think.
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