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Originally Posted by sabatoa View Post
Think these back yard sesh's will get you into mid-season form earlier than usual once the snow comes?
Yes, even though the powderpak is not like riding real snow, a box is a box and a rail is a rail. The approach is different, but once you're on it, you're on it. I think I landed more frontside boardslides yesterday than I did all last year, so that is already an improvement that I'm confident will translate to on-snow conditions.
Originally Posted by sabatoa View Post
What do you guys think I should expect on my first time on the hill this season? It will be my second season, my first full season. Last year I started after Christmas. Between ankle and no snow I didn't get on snow again until mid-January and then got out regularly.

My last time was in March on mash potato day at Holly (the time Dave and some guys were there).

Sooo, I dunno how much my body will remember and if I'm starting three steps behind or if it's like riding a bike.
It is kind of like riding a bike, but not entirely. The first few years when I would only snowboard a few times each winter, it would take a day or so to feel confident again. Now, you might catch an edge here or there but for the most part probably you will not feel like a total noob, but you will definitely be thinking "Ummm... wasn't I better than this last year???"
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