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Well you shouldn't hold me 100% for my word that the A.E. of the Parkboard is stiffer, but I do know for a fact that the A.E. of the Jibboard is stiffer. Also, the Airobic is by no means even the slightest bit stiff, but it is not a noodle and I think that I will be okay for doing jumps on it. It is basically as easy to press as the Artifact Rocker I stepped on but it DEFINITELY has quite a bit more pop (I was initially going to go with the Rome butafter I got it I instantly returned it because it was a floppy noodle). So yeah the difference between the Lobster Parkboard AE and the Airobic is going to be fairly big IMO. I am not trying to say the Airobic is too soft, I mean it is the board that I personally will be riding this year. On the other hand, I am not telling you that the Lobster is for sure too stiff. If you have seen/felt the Lobster in your local shop and you think it has a good flex and that you would be able to press it easily then go for it.

And Earl, I am not saying that the Parkboard is unpressable, but I do think that it would be more fun to press on something softer. And to me, snowboarding is about fun. If you will have more FUN pressing on a softer board, why get a stiffer board just because it would still be possible to press? Obviously you do not need a noodle to press well, and it is all about preference. My personal preference is just for a softer board like the Airobic. I am just giving my opinion(and I know more than anyone that a board which is too soft is just terrible overall - my last board was a 137 and it was way too small and soft, I would go over the handle bars all the time and wash out on the slightest off center landings).
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