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Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
Earthquakes can set off other earthquakes. Earthquakes are a result of built up tension between faults, so the magnitude of one earthquake can hit another fault and release the tension - and walla, you have another earthquake.
Yes, that is how the spokesperson from the USGS explained it. In a press release. Natural or not, I thought it was odd.

Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
I also thought the earthquakes were a bit odd.

was it this book?

"Behold a Pale Rider" by William M Cooper Behold a Pale Horse (9780929385228): William Cooper: Books

Milton William Cooper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

interesting read in light of the happenings with 911, katrina and fema
Yes, that is the book (Behold a Pale Horse) and author. I thought it was interesting and seemed more plausible given the author's military background. I read it before 911, Katrina, and FEMA but have considered a reread in light of those events. It's a unique perspective, if anything.
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