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Originally Posted by neednsnow View Post
1. Did Joe need to go after these allegations? Yes, but I really wonder what transpired? Did they give him a quit or be canned ultimatum? Sure sounds like it. Getting fired over the phone sounds a little unprofessional considering his history, (yes, not as harsh as what happened to the kids, I know.)
Yes. From what I understand the AD and the President tried to oust him (unrelated) in 2004 and he told them basically to fuck themselves, which shows how much power he really did have at the Uni. If you're asking me to connect the dots I say he used his knowledge of this event (or events) as leverage. The same people (President, AD) are at the heart of the cover-up. It's preposterous for anyone to assume JoePa didn't know. If he didn't know it's only because he didn't want to know.

Originally Posted by neednsnow View Post
2. How long has the Grand Jury been sitting on the Report? The timing is impecable.....on a bye week right after he becomes the winningest coach ever?
Too coincidental, for sure.

Originally Posted by neednsnow View Post
3. Why didn't McQueary get canned?
I also think he should get canned. Probably will at the end of the season, but the Uni would be better off to just unceremoniously wash their hands of him now.
Originally Posted by neednsnow View Post
4. Why didn't McQueary rescue the kid at the imediate moment he saw what was happening?!?!?
Eh... I understand the fervor people have about this but we can't really know how any of us would react. Sure, I'd love to say that I would grab the nearest baseball bat and unleash the fury on the child-rapist. In hindsight that would probably be a poor decision for a number of reasons.

It's just hard to say what anyone would've done in the heat of the moment. Psychologically, maybe your brain shuts it out. Maybe you get physically ill. A lot of variables might prevent you from responding the way you say you'd respond in a vacuum.

IMO it is not fair to hold people to a standard of justice based on what we say we would've done. Rather, we have to look at it from the perspective of what should he have done, and/or should/could he have done more than he did. And essentially he did NOTHING. He could have and should have done more. But he didn't and his inaction is really inexcusable. >> Reviews | Trip Reports | Commentary

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