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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
The Koch Brothers and Warren Buffet are polar opposites when it comes to morality; there is no comparison. What Microsoft is doing is just like what Exxon and Chevron have done; they have a political agenda and then warp the science to fit their agenda. Yes this happens on the other side of the GW debate too, but not to the extent that the corporatists do it and certainly not for the same intent. When the GW "alarmists" skew data it is usually out of passion for the cause, not to make obscene personal wealth. If the Alarmist turns out wrong, we spent a little more than we needed and end up with a cleaner planet. If the denier turns out to be wrong we end up dead.

Overall, I find it criminal when science gets politicized like this whole climate change research has.////
I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. Even if there are flaws with the science, data collection etc, in the end, why take that chance? We may very well not be responsible and it is a natural pattern of climate change, but why take that chance? We have the technology and ability to put our energy needs in more harmless types of energy generation.

The oil won't last forever, let's not pretend that it will and if oil companies are unwilling to adapt and change like many other businesses are required to when their product is outdated or too expensive to manufacture, then that's their own fault. These companies have extremely large profits and still request government subsidized funds for research and drilling which I find ludicrous. If we invested all this energy and time to making this process of changing our energy sources move along rather than fighting it every step of the way so that these corporations can keep their status quo, we could have had this done already.

Edit: And why the hell is Microsoft throwing money at this garbage? How much are they paying to sponsor this? How many people could they have hired for the same price? We do have an employment problem in the country, hire some people instead of throwing money for some name recognition at garbage like this. Damn we know what the hell Microsoft is already!

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