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Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
Let's keep the distinction clear. If you elect republican, they will legislate to shift the tax burden onto the poor. If you elect democrats, they will shift the tax burden back to the wealthy, as it had been and should be. So you're either for increasing economic inequality (republican) or against it (democrat).
We seem to agree that the corporations and the rich (however so loosely defined) control government. With that in mind isn't it just a little bit ridiculous to believe that true change will come about by simply asking the government to regulate their owners? We are not their masters. It's not really in their interest to listen to us, so they don't listen to us. They probably never did listen to us, which begins to explain how we got where we are today. And they'll continue fleecing everyone until enough people wake the fuck up to make real change inevitable.

It doesn't really matter what you believe or what you want. What matters is what will happen. And voting for the same old shit, playing that same old game is not going to yield results substantially different.

Swallow as many soundbites from either "side" of the aisle. They're all designed to placate you, to blame, to point fingers, to create scapegoats and instigate class warfare, to pit people against one another & to encourage dependence on the system controlled by the elites, rather than rather fostering cooperation and real community.
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