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Originally Posted by ThunderChunky View Post
We don't have to do anything. We have become the action hand of the U.N. If you take the entire world's military budget and multiply it by two, it almost equals ours. Ever since WWII we have just been accepted to always be there when a nation needs help. The Gulf War, Korea, Vietnam. To be fair Vietnam and Korea were also to contain communism, but it was a U.N. war. Almost all of those troops were American.
So you're saying that USA spends so much money on military so that they can be the hero of other countries.. Don't get me wrong I live in USA too and I don't have anything against USA. I actually find the economic structure and the politics very successful, and grateful for the opportunities it provided me so far.. I mean, just think of it: Geographically, which country has the naval power to come to US soil and attack USA? NONE, US navy controls the oceans, no ship can go undetected.. Spending 2 times more than the total of the world is maybe 5 times more than what it supposed to spend to keep it secure for the people living in USA.

USA does not get involved in a war unless it sees the potential danger if it does not get involved. Do you think that USA would have the power it has today if it didn't distrupt the stability in asia and europe 20-30 years ago? NO

Or do you think USA has been always this successful in the economic or military arena? NO.. USA rose to success after the cold war...

When it comes to helping other countries, it definitely does its part in helping times of a natural disaster, but bringing peace or democracy to a region is totally BS.
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