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Originally Posted by [Ian] View Post
Ok, so I've decided that I want to get into snowboarding more...

Ok kid-o, first, read this. All of it.

I'll give you some basic info, but your gonna have to do the detailed research yourself. You are looking for an "all-mountain" freestyle board. These boards will handle anything you throw at them. However, they will not excel in any one area. You wont be able to ride the park as well, b/c the board will be too stiff for somethings. You won't be be able to bomb black diamonds at demon speed as well b/c the board will be too soft. However, you'll be able to get an OK taste of everything the mountain has to offer. Just don't expect the board to ROCK everything you throw it.

So, what you need to do is look at the web site of various manufactures, and see what they list as all-mountain boards. Again, read the link I posted above. That will give you a lot of info.

Good brands to check out:
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