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Default Toyota Tacoma Shred-mobile ?

I know most people around here will scream "SUBARU! SUBARU!" But I've done a lot of searching around here, and not much talk of trucks, specifically Tacoma's

I have my eyes on a 4WD Tacoma, especially with the camper shell.

How are these trucks in the snow? Specifically, how are the non-trd tacoma's in the snow/ice? I know good winter tires are a major help. I also know people recommend throwing some weight over the rear axle.

The only TRD Tacoma's around here are practically brand new (way out of budget.) I have my eyes on a 2000 Tacoma. I've heard these have rust issues though?

So are these good winter trucks? I really am in love with them.

Does anyone have any input or advice?
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