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Default Cant grab while Spinning?

So I can do front and backside 540's and can even huck switch front side corked 540's. But I cant grab on any of those tricks. I can only grab on front back back 360s. I cant rotate as fast when I grab on my spins. And Even when I spin fast I just cant continue spinning to get the 540 around even though I am looking over my should. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? (Ill post a video of it after season starts and I can go riding. Also When I try to grab on my back flips I always fall. I can do back flips just fine laid out but when I suck my knees up to grab I spin a lot faster and always end up slamming on my back. And when I try to grab on back rodeo 540's I literally just stop flipping and land almost completely upside down. PLEASE HELP!
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